Wetlands Delineation

We provide wetlands delineation, permitting, mitigation design, and more.

Milliken Forestry Company offers a full suite of services related to wetlands including wetland delineations, permitting, mitigation design, compliance, monitoring, and more.

Wetlands are critical ecosystems. We know them top to bottom.

Wetlands directly benefit society and are often protected by law. Wetlands protect and improve water quality, provide fish and wildlife habitat, store floodwaters, and maintain surface water flow during dry periods. These valuable services are the result of the unique natural characteristics of wetlands and require special attention to protect and maintain.

Experience counts. Milliken keeps clients in compliance with wetland regulations.

Our extensive experience and working relationships with state and federal personnel allows us to provide excellent and expedient service to clients. Clients seek our help to help define and manage wetlands to ensure balance between private property rights and federal, state, and local laws.