Milliken Forestry has been a trusted partner and advisor to our family for generations.

"Milliken Forestry has been a trusted partner and advisor to our family for generations. Whether buying, selling, marketing, or growing, we count on – and have been well served – by Milliken’s advice.

Their foresters show solid results over and over again in the areas of hardwood regeneration, pine regeneration, long-leaf management, game management, watercourse maintenance, prescribed burning, and general stand maintenance. In addition, their relationships with timber buyers have allowed us to sell in to markets as diverse as veneer, poles, chips, pulp, biomass, sawtimber, and pine straw.

If I had to boil it down to one sentence I’d have to say that the relationship with Milliken has allowed us to consistently reinvest in our forestland to maximize both forest and game productivity and to allow us to harvest sustainably throughout the forest products cycle.

I would recommend Milliken forestry to anybody currently in the forest products business or anybody considering making it an investment. In a word, they’ve been ‘superb’ stewards of our property."

Frank Beidler IV Chicago, IL March 10, 2017

I highly recommend Milliken Forestry Company’s Real Estate Services Division.

"I highly recommend Milliken Forestry Company's Real Estate Services Division. They sold my property in less than 30 days after being listed! Their customer service and representation is stellar. I really felt like they knew me and my needs. Communication was done by phone, but one agent came to the closing to meet me personally! Everything they did regarding the sale of my property was above and beyond which is rare in this day and time."

Lynda B. November 10, 2017