How We Help Buyers

A history of trust.

Since inception, Milliken Forestry Company has helped clients identify and evaluate properties that satisfy their unique timberland investment or recreational goals.

Where do you start?

As a buyer, you may know what properties fit your vision of ownership, but how will it perform as an investment or otherwise meet your goals? Our team brings a variety of experiences to help you understand timber investment returns and recreational development opportunities.

Deep local knowledge on your side.

You may know if the location is convenient, but what does the location mean to timber productivity or potential habitat quality? Our management footprint in The Carolinas and Georgia covers nearly a million acres. That kind of presence means we have an intimate knowledge of local and regional timber markets and recreational capabilities.

Helping you become a confident and knowledgeable buyer.

What are similar properties selling for and, most importantly, at what price does the property you’re considering become a solid investment? Land and timber values are important, but we go further. We help you identify every component of value – all factors influencing price and potential.  Whether your interest is investment or recreation, we can help project returns and accomplish your goals.

Representation – our experience becomes yours.

We’ll guide you through every step of the purchase process from initial offer development to contract and closing preparation. In many cases, the fees associated with MFC representing you as a buyer will be paid by the seller.  So, don’t miss the opportunity to have your interests represented.  We have a history of helping clients that we’re very proud of, and would like to hear how we might be able to do the same for you.